BMW 6 Series Review

Considering choosing a used BMW 6 Series for your next car? Read our review…

The BMW 6 Series is an incredibly competent grand tourer. A good-looking body, impressive fuel economy and serious performance all culminate to make this car the ideal companion for crossing a continent!

There are few cars that compare to the BMW 6 Series. For most manufacturers, a two-door coupe must have rock hard suspension and a fire-breathing petrol engine. Thankfully BMW has ignored the norm, and instead created a car that puts its focus on comfort! I can name few other vehicles that make you feel like you’re sat in your favourite arm chair whilst storming down the Autobahn at 155mph.

Inside you’re greeted by seemingly endless amounts of space. Backseat passengers have ample leg room and the boot is extremely accommodating too. As expected, BMW’s iDrive system is as dependable as ever, everything is exactly where you’d expect to find it and the shortcut buttons make swapping through screens an effortless task.

Though there isn’t a bad engine in the range, the 640d variant seems to be the best option. The 3.0-litre diesel powerplant produces a healthy 309bhp, providing plenty of torque whilst also returning pleasant fuel economy. The eight-speed automatic gearbox is an exceptional companion to the laid-back BMW 6 Series, it’s standard for everything in the range, excluding the M6.

In terms of looks, there are few cars that look as elegant as the 640d in BMW’s catalogue. If, however, you’re after a sportier look, the German manufacturer have the perfect answer! BMW M Performance parts not only add pleasing aesthetics to your car, they’re also completely functional too. From alloy wheels to side skirts, these additions have been designed beautifully to subtly enhance the already pleasing dynamics of the 6 Series.

The BMW 6 Series is the perfect car to soak up long motorway journeys and the monotonous morning commute. However, put it in sport mode and you’ve got a completely different beast, one that is capable of putting a smile on your face and keeping up with cars way beyond its price range.


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