Range Rover Evoque Review

Considering choosing a used Range Rover Evoque for your next car? Read our review to find out more about this exceptional model…

Land Rover’s Range Rover models are highly regarded in the automotive world. Despite not being the most expensive cars in their market, they are the vehicle of choice for everyone from celebrities to royalty!

When the Range Rover Evoque was launched in 2011 it took Auto Express’ Car of the Year Award, and the following year, it was named Best Compact SUV. Within 5 years of its launch it sold more than 500,000 examples, which is no mean feat. Everything from the ride quality to the efficiency is perfectly balanced to make the Evoque the only car you’ll ever need!

The Range Rover Evoque really is a stunning vehicle. It has clear links to the concept car shown in 2008, and a decade later, its looks still appeal to new and used car buyers alike. The interior was designed in collaboration with Victoria Beckham, although tell-tale JLR designs cues come through, the rotary gear selector for example. The baby Range Rover can comfortably sit four in a three or five door guise and a raised driving position gives you authority on the road too.

Although few buyers will get the opportunity to truly test it, every Range Rover must be able to perform in the worst conditions. The Evoque is no exception and just from its stance you can see it means business. The sporty-styled Range Rover Evoque actually sits higher than the Freelander it’s loosely based on, and approach and departure angles mean only the steepest of inclines could cause issues.

On the road, the Range Rover Evoque feels tight and sporty, though not uncomfortable. Engineers wanted hot hatch drivers to get into it and feel at home, and they’ve hit the nail on the head with that. Especially when you realise this car can be fitted with the engine from the Ford Focus ST! It really is the perfect all-rounder, and with the second-generation having only recently been released, you can pick up used Range Rover Evoque cars for a bargain!

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