Top Five SUVs

Scanning the market for the best used SUVs? Here are some of our favourites!

A great SUV will combine comfort and practicality, offering enough room for the whole family and the kitchen sink as well as being capable of handling any terrain and condition! We stock SUVs for every type of driver at our showroom in Ayr, including those listed below.


5    Volkswagen Touareg

The high-tech option

The Volkswagen Touareg is now in its third generation, and it is more refined and technologically advanced than ever before! While past versions of this large SUV have focused more on power and off-road performance, the latest design is all about the tech, boasting a dual-screen display, a thermal imaging camera and an intelligent stabilisation system.

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4    Range Rover Evoque

The posh option

Land Rover has dominated the SUV class for decades, so it should be no surprise that the brand appears twice on this list. The Range Rover Evoque is the perfect option for the style-conscious SUV enthusiasts and its modest size and excellent handling makes for an enjoyable ride.

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3    Volvo XC90

The safe option

This Swedish brand dedicates itself to protecting driver and passengers like no other and the Volvo XC90 displays this clearly with its impressive safety systems. This, combined with its spacious and exceptionally comfortable design, makes the XC90 a solid choice of SUV.

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   Audi Q5

The high-performance option

The Audi Q5 is exceptionally well-designed vehicle offering a refined drive. There is a variety of engines to choose from, with some particularly powerful options, and with Audi’s brilliant quattro four-wheel drive system, this SUV delivers unbeatable performance whether you are on the road or off the beaten track.

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1    Land Rover Discovery

The off-road option

Land Rover Discovery cars are all-round performers. Tough enough to cope with any condition, while oozing class with high-quality interior materials. The SUV is well-equipped with tech and is spacious too, but despite its imposing size, running costs are reasonable. A clear leader in the large SUV class.

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